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Styling Your Outdoor Space with Sculpture

Outdoor spaces create exciting new opportunities and considerations when it comes to sculpture. By adding a sculpture, you can achieve the same effect on your outdoor space as displaying a sculpture in the interior of your home. As an extension of your personality and style, knowing how to choose the right outdoor sculpture is crucial.

Nurturing (2002)
Beatrice Hoffman

Choosing a material

When choosing a sculpture, not only do you need to decide what style you prefer, but the size and the material of your outdoor sculpture, which have a far greater impact than their interior counterparts. Unlike indoor artworks, outdoor sculpture interacts and evolves with its environment in interesting and unexpected ways. Depending on where you live, your sculpture might need to endure changes of temperature and a range of different weather conditions. Whilst stone, marble, acrylic, and bronze are used for longevity, sculptures using ceramics, steel, and mirrored surfaces require a little more care, and wooden sculptures are best placed in sheltered areas. It is best to avoid sculptures that use textiles, paper, and expensive metals. A matte or a reflective finish will also determine whether or not your sculpture stands out or blends into the landscape. 

Crush (2007)
Mark Yale Harris

Creating an atmosphere

Outdoor sculptures also have the ability to create different atmospheres. When thinking about colour, style, and theme, you should decide if you want your sculpture to contrast with, or reflect, its natural setting. Some sculptures, such as driftwood and copper sculptures, are purposefully designed to flaunt the effects of nature. Size is another important decision. Larger sculptures are more eye-catching, whilst smaller sculptures can add an intimacy to the space. For a Zen mood, choose a seated figure. Or if you prefer something more playful, explore Singulart’s range of moving sculptures. 

Fallow Buck (2017)
Knox Field

Harmonising your garden

If positioned well, an outdoor sculpture can harmonize your outdoor space. They provide a three-dimensional visual interest that can be enjoyed both day and night. Requiring significantly less maintenance than garden plants, outdoor sculptures also remain the same across the seasons.

Cube Fondu rouge (2020)
Philipe Gauberti

Using colour

Lastly, don’t forget about colour! Paler sculptures can enhance your outdoor space by brightening shady spots, or if you’re looking for a modern edge, a red, grey or black sculpture might be exactly what you need.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our art advisors! They will be happy to help you find a suitable sculpture for your outdoor space. In the meantime enjoy our curated selection of outdoor sculptures!