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SINGULART Insider: June 18th, 2021

Happy Friday and welcome back to SINGULART Insider. The art world has been busy this week and here is a quick read to catch you up.

In SINGULART news, our Fine Art Photography Auction began yesterday. Explore the 30 limited edition photographs and discover a new world through the artist’s perspective. It is definitely not an auction to miss and if you are curious about investing in photography learn more here.

Centre Pompidou Outpost in the U.S.

The modern art museum, Centre Pompidou will sadly be closed for a three year renovation starting in 2023. If you still want to see amazing artwork, then you will just have to visit a different city that is more than 3,000 miles away. Jersey City, New Jersey will be the new home of part of Centre Pompidou’s collection starting in 2024. This exhibit is being called Centre Pompidou x Jersey City and citizens are already excited for the culture and art that is being brought to their city.

In Paris for the weekend or looking to plan a trip to Paris? Find a selection of 5 must see art museums in the city here.

David Hockney Artwork in Upcoming Auction

Has it been your dream to own one of David Hockey’s artworks? Well if you have 12-18 million dollars to spend then stay tuned for June 23rd. Phillip’s is planned to have a contemporary and modern art sale this Wednesday and David Hockney’s piece, ‘A Neat Lawn’ which is a part of his “California Dreaming” series, will be one of the top artworks.

See the impact David Hockney has had on the art world and how his style has inspired many artists by searching through our Inspired by David Hockey Collection.

Want to learn even more about David Hockney? Read this article to find out who David Hockney is and learn about one of his first paintings.

Vegetable and Fruit Birkin Bags

Artist Ben Dezer and Hermès recently paired up to add a new surprising twist to the famous Birkin bag. If you are in the market for an edible handbag, then this pairing is music to your ears. Each bag utilizes only fruits and vegetables in its creation and incorporates even the smallest features that handbags usually have. Straps, buckles, everything is completely made out of fruits or vegetables. Who knew art could look and taste so good.

Focus on bringing creativity into your weekend, whether it be through cooking, writing, painting or anything else, enjoy the art of creating. We will see you next Friday on SINGULART Insider!