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Create Glamorous Interiors with the Hollywood Regency Style

Looking to try out a new interior design style? Or are you already in love with the Hollywood Regency design look? You have definitely seen this style executed before whether it be in your bosses house or on television. Create a glamorous interior with the Hollywood Regency style. This style originated from Hollywood’s Golden Age during the 1930s. Imagine the perfect mixture of Mid Century Modern and Art Deco, then you will have Hollywood Regency.

Glam, glam and more glam. When you think you have gone too far, add a little more glam and you will have finally completed your perfect Hollywood Regency styled space. Constantly think about bright colors, strong patterns, clean lines, and silhouettes. Your space will slowly turn into the most extravagant interior that you had only dreamed of before.

The main components of this style are vibrant colors and striking patterns. Before, it becomes overstimulating make sure to select a color palette and stick to it. Bring this color in with unique textiles and fabrics, consider fur, velvet, and silk. Black and white contrast is a must, whether it be the pattern you chose or executed elsewhere. Additionally, metallics and glass accents are the perfect addition to add some more appeal to your space.

The decor is the main focus of the interior and should be where you bring in all of the glam to your space. Furniture doesn’t play as much of a role, but it should be glossy and bright. Focus your furniture selections on how much entertaining and what kind will be done in the space.

Hollywood Regency means you can never be too flashy with your interior so find the perfect piece to complete your room. Sculptures and wall art are a must in order to perfectly complete your space. Learn how to style a sideboard with sculptures here and how to create a gallery wall here. Now is the perfect time to make your dream room a reality!

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