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Interior Trend – Industrial


When we think of an industrial designed interior we think of lofts in Brooklyn or apartments in Berlin, both with exposed brick-walls and a metal-wood combo. However, you don’t have to refurnish your entire home to make the industrial style work for you, there is a lot to be taken from this rustic style to give your living space a little something extra. The style was developed during the 20th century and has influenced interiors all over the world. SINGULART is giving some tips and tricks how to utilize some of the ideas from the industrial style to make it work for your home, and gives some suggestions to choose the right artwork to go along with it – be it a photograph, painting or sculpture. Discover our collection for industrial inspired artworks here.

Industrial Aesthetics

Industrial style is an  interior design that combines warm woods and vintage charm with industrial elements. It lives from textures of wood, metal, concrete and leather. It is mostly associated with exposed bricks, cement and pipes that are juxtaposed to dark woods and natural, organic colors, creating a perfect play of contrasts. The style is minimalistic and shines best in open spaces. It is especially well suited to personalize one’s home because it centers around statements pieces.

Such statement pieces could be a big wooden table with metal legs, a monumental lamp hanging from the ceiling that is made from countless black wires and lightbulbs. It could also be a metallic sculpture or an abstract art piece that fills out an entire wall, or maybe that artistic black&white photography you love so much.

Tips to successfully achieve the perfect industrial style for your interior


Industrial styles lives from statement pieces, so the overall color tones should be chosen in rather neutral and natural tones so that small and colorful details can pop. The design relies on this combination of a minimalistic and harmonious overall design with neutral colors. Some of the classic colors chosen are the red from the brick walls, blacks, whites, copper and other metal tones as well as black framed glass elements such as windows or cupboard. Paintings and other artworks can be the perfect touch of color to make the industrial design come together in your home.

Dare to create open spaces

Since the industrial design is influenced by – well industrial buildings – it works well in big spaces and open floor plans to reminisce of factory like buildings. Within the space create little groups of furniture and strategically arrange sculptures and other decorative pieces to break up the space.

Wood and Metal – the perfect industrial combination

This mix of old and new materials is both the fastest and easiest way to create an industrial look for your home. If you have a big wooden table, combine it with a metal lamp or sculpture piece that hangs on the wall behind the table. The play between natural materials such as wood and leather goes well with copper or metal pieces for an industrial design.

Switch the light!

Lamps and other sources of light are an easy way to ensure the overall look feels industrial. Most industrial stlye lightning is made of metal and often has some wooden element and pendants. We would suggest, when using pendants, to make them low haning with wide shades. Reclaimed lightening is of course another great feature as well as floor lightning that can highlight scultpures for example perfecetly.

Parquet or concrete floors?

Either! Although the wooden floors are a staple for industrial design, a concrete floor can be the modern touch for your slightly different and personal take on the interior design. Plus, it is less expensive. Especially when highlihgting photographs or bigger artowrks concrete floors and walls can be the perfect backdrop. Many modern galleries and museums have chosen this material as their blank canvas to make the art shine a little brighter.

Accessoires and Statement Pieces – showcase your art!

The industrial-inspired interior design thrives on elements that normally would be covered up, such as brick walls, pipes, ducts, and wooden beams. The aim of the industrial style is to glam up the factory look, so leave the workings of your home exposed and add vintage photographs, machinery pieces, and other minimalistic artwork to add your personal touch and something special to make it your home!

Discover more artworks that fit into your industrial-style interior in our dedicated collection on SINGULART.