SINGULART Insider: July 2nd, 2021

Jump into this week’s hot art topics with SINGULART Insider as we discuss everything from Mona Lisa reproductions to the possible reveal of Banksy’s identity!

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SINGULART Insider Feature – Interior Auction: By the Ocean

As of yesterday, Interior Auction: By the Ocean was opened! The auction will be live until the end of the day on Wednesday, the 7th of July. Find a carefully curated selection of pieces that will bring the perfect summer feeling into your home. Take a look soon before your favorite artwork is sold!

‘Fake’ Mona Lisa Sold for Over 3 Million U.S. Dollars

Whether you are an art lover or know very little about art, you probably have heard and know about the Mona Lisa. That said, she remains as mysterious as ever it seems because there was a reproduction made about 100 years later that recently sold for over 3 million dollars! Painted by an unknown artist, this piece is known as the “Hekking Mona Lisa” after art collector Hekking who bought it in the 1950s. Although it was known that the “Hekking Mona Lisa” is a reproduction and in fact not the real thing, the bids were still high!

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Laurent Le Bon to Be President of Centre Pompidou

As Serge Lasvignes, the last president of Centre Pompidou retires President Macron has decided that Laurent Le Bon will be the perfect replacement. Le Bon is taking over just as the Centre Pompidou plans for its temporary closing in 2023 for renovations. He will manage the development of the new Centre Pompidou outpost in Jersey city which you can learn more about here, in our previous SINGULART Insider.

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Banksy Could Be Revealing His Identity Soon

Anonymous street artist, Banksy may soon have to reveal his identity, that is if he would like the rights back to 4 of his artworks. The European Union Intellectual Property Office believes that his trademarks are negative. Since his identity is unknown he is not protected by copyright laws. It is unknown what Banksy will do as of now, but fans everywhere are waiting to see his next move. Learn why you should be investing in Banksy today!

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