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Investing in Emerging Artists means diving deep into the contemporary art world to find hidden treasures while also promoting a good cause: supporting new talents and giving them the opportunity to continue creating. 

Artists deserve recognition, especially the younger ones whose works will build the future of the visual arts. Everyday at SINGULART, we strive to empower emerging artists through sales, physical and digital events, and publications! 

Read the article to explore the financial and personal benefits of investing in emerging artists!

What are emerging artists?

What defines an artist as emerging? It’s not necessarily linked to their age as many may think. Artists defined as emerging are in the early stage of their career, they are just beginning to contribute to the contemporary visual art world. This is a very critical phase of their artistic path as they will be receiving the very first impressions of art critics, art galleries, and collectors that will shape their career! You could be the one to help them with their first steps to success.

Financial Return and Personal Reward!

Many collectors are happy to discover new talents before anyone else does and help fulfil the artist’s potential – they could be uncovering the next Banksy! A large number of established contemporary artists such as Banksy, Damien Hirst, and Jeff Koons began their careers selling artworks for a few hundred dollars twenty years ago and recently, they’ve been selling for millions. The collectors that bought these artists’ very first prints and pieces can without any doubt feel proud and rewarded of their first impressions and investments. This means that works by emerging artists can incredibly increase in value.

It’s Affordable Art!

Indeed, let’s not forget about the accessibility and affordability of buying emerging artists’ works. Collecting these artworks does not usually require a significant financial investment, that is, until they acquire a significant following and become popular! 

Follow their Milestones!

In addition, one of the best aspects of supporting emerging artists is being able to closely follow the progression of their career. For instance, you may start by visiting their very first solo exhibition and end up admiring their results at a major auction house a few years later. On SINGULART, you have the possibility of following their career by exploring how their prices and style develop throughout the months and years. 

Contribute to a more diverse art world!

Last but not least, emerging artists today reflect and embody the spirit and mood of our times. As we can see, the emerging art scenario is remarkably diverse and has endless means of expression. Even if the artist does not go through an outstanding financial value increase, don’t forget you purchased a meaningful and unique artwork for you and your interiors.

Collecting emerging art contributes to supporting an art world that will become increasingly diverse and inclusive.