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How to Create an Urban Jungle Interior

Living in a city can be an amazing experience, and for most of us, it is the long-term reality of modern life. But whilst the concrete jungle contains many exciting opportunities, the ability to escape into nature is not one of them. Unsurprisingly, many people are therefore creating their own green spaces inside their homes. All over cities, these personal urban jungles are popping into existence, providing a refreshing and uplifting atmosphere and offering a moment of serenity in an otherwise busy life. 

Just in time for summer, we’ve collected some tips and tricks on how to combat the concrete, and incorporate the urban jungle style into your interior design. Read on to make it feel like you’ve entered the tropics without leaving your home!

Tropical Foliage

Exotic plants are, unsurprisingly, the cornerstone of the urban jungle style. Filling your space with lush greenery not only has proven health benefits, such as cleaning the air you breath, but tropical plants make beautiful additions to your interior with their large, multicolored or fenestrated leaves.

Nevertheless, real plants can be both time and space consuming, as they require precise levels of light and nutritional care. To create that jungle vibe, try supplementing your plants with leaf prints and jungle inspired artworks, which create the same effect effortlessly.

Add an Oasis Image

Nothing is more refreshing than being near water on a hot day. The sunlight shimmering on rippling pools, bird song, and cooling mist, a veritable oasis.

By adding an oasis inspired image into your jungle interior, you too feel revitalized whilst you bathe in an imagined tropical soundscape.

I’ll take a Dark and Stormy

Not into bright colors? Whilst tropical scenes often bring to mind bright hues and bold prints, you can still achieve an urban jungle interior with a darker color palette. Painting your walls a deep green can bring the intensity of the jungle undergrowth into your home, or you can decorate your home with a photograph or painting of monsoons and tropical storms for a moodier atmosphere.

Or Perhaps Soemething Floral and Fruity?

We at SINGULART love a bold piece. Urban jungle’s primary use of green tones makes it the perfect style to add a pop of complimentary color. Yellows and golds increase the vividness of green, whilst oranges and pinks invoke the tropical heat.

Adding bright and colorful patterns and prints might seem like a daunting prospect. Nevertheless, smaller sculptures can allow you to explore the playful side of your style on a more manageable scale.


In addition to plants, the urban jungle style is characterized by its animals! Due to their bright and beautiful plumage, flamingos, toucans and parrots are all popular choices when it comes to adding some flare to your space.

Big Cats

If you’re after a more sultry tone, big cats are the way to go. With their prowling gate, golden fur and deep purrs, big cats add a sense of luxury to your urban jungle. With their complimentary colors, animal prints are an excellent choice for those looking to set an understated yet exotic scene.

Textures and Tones

Just as with plants, a sense of well-being can be brought into your space through the materials you choose. To combat the urbanization and concrete of the outside world, try to incorporate natural materials into your surroundings. Wood, natural fibers, such as jute and raffia, and terracotta pieces can ground your space and give it that much needed sense of relaxation.

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