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SINGULART Insider: July 30th, 2021

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We are so happy to announce our partnership sale with the Arte Laguna Prize this year! Created in 2006 to help emerging artists in the contemporary art scene, the international art competition accepts several disciplines. The sale begins on the 1st of August and will last the entire month until it ends on the 29th.

Late Samsung Chairman Donates His Art Collection – SINGULART Insider

Lee Kun-hee passed in 2020 and with this unfortunate event, 23 thousand artworks from his collection were donated to South Korea. The National Museum of Korea and the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art were lucky enough to be gifted some of his artworks and two exhibitions that showcase some of the pieces have recently opened. The exhibitions are currently showing old antiques and contemporary Korean artworks. However, paintings by Monet, Picasso, and other masters of the arts will be showcased in the following years.

South Korea is known as a hub of innovation, technological advancement, and is the source of a powerful pop culture that spreads to every corner of the world. Enjoy a collection of artworks by some amazing South Korean artists.

Valentino Inspired by Jamie Nares – SINGULART Insider

The recent Valentino runway for Des Ateliers blew away many of the attendees and even brought some to tears. Inspired by two large brush-stroke paintings by American artist, Jamie Nares, the final look of the show was remarkable. The American artist uses her own custom-made brushes and used to paint while suspended from the ceiling. Just as Nares takes her time to create the best artworks possible, the dress and cape took over 700 hours to create. Moved by the complexity of the design, Nares was honored to be a part of the final look.

As Valentino has shown, art can inspire fashion, however, fashion can also inspire art. SINGULART artists are constantly being inspired by the fashion world. Discover our collection, When Fashion Meets Art!

Women In Photo

Thanks to an exhibition at the MET Museum, female photographers are finally starting to receive the recognition they deserve. “The New Woman Behind the Camera” is portraying the effect women photographers from the 1920s-1940s had on the future of women in photography by paving a path for females in this art form. The exhibition includes over 120 photographs from photographers that are from over 20 different countries.

Here at SINGULART, we are passionate about photography and so are our artists! Each artist brings a unique perspective to contemporary photography: from portraiture to landscape, and abstract compositions to conceptual works. Our curatorial team has selected 10 emerging photographers who create stunning compositions that represent the best of photography today. Then learn how to invest in photography here.

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