Interior Design: 5 Luxury Hotels to be Inspired by

Hotels are a home away from home. It is important for them to be tastefully decorated, with a welcoming atmosphere. Luxury hotels especially always have dedicated interior designers working to create a unique world for their guests, using high end design pieces and artworks. What if we could bring some of that elegance and taste home? In that vein, we’ve chosen five unique hotels around the world – Le Sirenuse in Positano, the St. Regis in Bali, and the Ritz, the Bvlgari, and the Hoxton, all in the city of Paris. Inspired by these luxurious institutions, we’ve selected some of our best art and design pieces, so you can now bring your favorite hotel’s atmosphere to life… right in your own home.

Le Sirenuse

Hotel interior design : Le sirenuse

Le Sirenuse is one of the most beautiful hotels in Italy. Romantic and colorful, it offers incredible views over Positano and the sea. This luxury hotel is full of charm and warmth, with delightful touches of Italian decor mixed with modern inspirations.
Get lost in the whimsical streets of one of Italy’s dreamiest towns, and perhaps pick up a few design gems along the way, in order to bring the magic back home.

The St. Regis

Hotel interior design : The St Regis

The St Regis is a dreamy luxury resort located on the beautiful island of Bali. Sitting right on the beach, it is a wonder for the eyes and the senses. The hotel’s interior design pays special attention to details. To transport you into this world of sunshine and palm trees, we’ve chosen a few art and design items inspired by the St. Regis. Bring the coastal atmosphere straight into your home. No need to long for the holidays anymore!

The Ritz

Hotel interior design : The Ritz

The Ritz is undeniably the most legendary hotel in France, if not the world. Opulent to the extreme, it is a magnificent tribute to the French art de vivre. Featuring elegant, classical decor and luxurious amenities, the Ritz is like an entrance to another world, or to another century where time doesn’t exist. With elegant curves and fine materials, our contemporary design pieces will transform your space into one of the luxurious rooms of the famed hotel, bringing a certain refinement to your house.

The Bvlgari

Hotel interior design : The Bvlgari

Inspired by Italian eccentricity, the Bvlgari hotels all use a similar palette, creating an environment that feels luxurious, contemporary, and elegant. Marble, lush fabrics, granite, tapestries and woodwork create the perfect canvas for designer furniture and art pieces. A careful balance between rigor and softness, a story told through textures, materials and smart juxtapositions, that will make any space feel rejuvenated and luxurious.

The Hoxton

Hotel interior design : The Hoxton

The Hoxton is one of the trendiest hotels around. This modern hotel group has a location in the coolest spots, including London, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, and Paris. They are known for their classic effortless style, mixing different tastes: the industrial aesthetic, trendy color palettes, and mid-century inspired pieces, creating a balance between modernity and charm.

We have chosen these few art and design pieces to inspire your inner designer. If you’re a fan of the Hoxton or the Ritz and wish to designed your spaces with their unique style, express your creativity through splashes of colors, soft textures, and golden sparks with SINGULART! To find more design inspiration discover 5 legendary interior designer to be inspired by here !