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Online Art Supplies Box

Staying home can feel tedious and colorless at times. We have already given our tips to help artists find inspiration in isolation, so now we are turning our attention to everyone who doesn’t fit under the narrow bracket of ‘professional artist’. In this article, we present our online art supplies box filled with resources so that everyone, regardless of age or capability, can get creative and experience the uplifting effect that art can have on our lives.

Mini Artists

Creative play is immensely important to a child’s development as it helps them to express thoughts and feelings, as well as encouraging them to explore new ways of thinking. Children have wonderful imaginations and can often discover fun and creative activities for themselves. Pablo Picasso famously stated ‘Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.‘ Even so, social distancing measures mean that for the time being many children lack the creative stimulation they are used to.

The Big Dipper (2019), Khodakivskyi Vasyl

However, getting their creative juices flowing during this time doesn’t have to be difficult and there is no need for any fancy materials. You can browse the internet for ideas to inspire your mini artists to get creative using common household items. For example, toilet paper is difficult to find on the shelves these days so once you have found a few valuable rolls be sure not to waste any part of the product. The cardboard tube in the center is a great way for your child to get crafty. From sharks to famous Star Wars characters, see their imagination run wild with something as simple as a finished toilet roll.

The BBC’s CBeebies website has plenty of mess-free creative activities ideal for keeping children entertained while parents work from home or just relax after being drained by their offspring. Another great resource we highly recommend in our online art supplies box is the website Tate Kids. The famous gallery provides ideas for young artists to express themselves through a variety of mediums, as well as lots of fun interactive games and quizzes. In the ‘Explore’ section, kids can learn more about famous artists and art movements through succinct, but highly informative, videos and articles.

Prince Louis of Cambridge gets creative in isolation. (Photograph by the Duchess of Cambridge)

Online Learning

For those who want to take their artistic learning beyond Tate Kids, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is offering free online courses. From contemporary art to fashion and photography, this is a wonderful opportunity to expand your knowledge, discovering or developing a passion in the process. The quality of the online teaching is high, with courses being completed at your own desired pace and entirely for your personal enrichment. After expanding your understanding, do check out these virtual museum tours that you can enjoy from home.

An Arty App

If you do not have the time to take an online course but you are keen to learn more about famous artworks, we recommend you download the DailyArt App. Available in English, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and Turkish, the app provides a daily dose of art history, introducing you to a new work of art every day along with some information about the piece. It is possible to save your favorite artworks and by curating your own gallery you can discover your artistic preferences. With access to over 2,000 masterpieces by more than 700 artists, you can carry a great resource in your pocket. The basic version of the app is free while a one off payment of £5.99 is required for the premium version.


Lastly in our online art supplies box, we hope you find lots of interesting articles and inspiring art here on the Singulart blog and on our online gallery. With interviews with artists and curated collections alongside articles on art history and art news, there is plenty to discover and learn!

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