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SINGULART Insider: June 11th, 2021

SINGULART Insider provides updates on a world of creativity. This week we are finishing up our SINGULART 4th birthday celebrations. Make sure to check out our Creative Joy Collection if you haven’t yet.

Fine Art Photography Auction

Get ready to explore the world from a new perspective next week with our Fine Art Photography Auction. It will begin Thursday, June 17th so mark your calendars! Find angles you have never thought of and travel into the photographer’s mind through these pieces.

Curious about how to collect photography? Read about how to invest!

Lady Gaga x Versace Team Up for Pride Month

Like many of us, Lady Gaga has always loved Versace. This month she teamed up with Donatella to create a capsule collection which has been her favorite to this date as it is in celebration of Pride Month and the 10th anniversary of Born This Way. Best of all, this collaboration will be benefiting young teens, especially those who identify as LGBTQ+, who are struggling with mental health.

Elon Musk Requests Graffiti Designs

Have you ever wanted your artwork to be on the exterior of one of Tesla’s factories? Well now is your chance! Elon Musk is asking street artists to send in some designs to be put on the extensive walls of Tesla’s new factory in Berlin, Germany. A great way for Musk to add a unique touch to this mega-factory and for artists to show their work to a new audience. Get inspired with our Street Art Treasures Collection that features beautiful works that comment on social and political messages.

Learn more about street art through the eyes of One Truth and enjoy a world of creativity!

Andy Warhol’s Watch for Sale

Everyone dreams of owning an Andy Warhol artwork, and some lucky SINGULART collectors have been able to achieve this dream! This month Christie’s is selling Andy Warhol’s Patek Philippe watch to the highest bidder at their auction. A unique watch that comes with a sense of history and art is exactly what Christie’s audience and collectors expect. Celebrate this auction with Christie’s by enjoying our Inspired by Andy Warhol Collection to commend his amazing impact on the art community.

Enjoy your weekend and spend some time enjoying some beautiful artwork. Whether it be at a museum, art gallery, or on the SINGULART website that you can do from the comfort of your home, art is everywhere. See you next Friday on SINGULART Insider.