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SINGULART INSIDER: June 25th, 2021

You made it to the weekend! Now catch up on some exciting art news with SINGULART Insider. From a possible new art capital of the world to hand-painted murals, to art created for pride, the art world never sleeps.

Just like the rest of the art world, SINGULART never stops as we have another auction coming up this Thursday! Thirty-seven artworks were handpicked by our curators to help you find the perfect artwork for your interior. Bring summer happiness and warmth into your home with our Interior Auction By the Ocean.

Paris to Takeover as Art Capital of the World

London may soon be losing its status as the art capital of the world as Paris begins to climb its way to the top. Paris has always been known for the selection of luxury goods in its high-end boutiques, this status has been a great entrance into the art world. Additionally, auction houses have been adjusting to the Parisian market and there has been a constant growth in the number of galleries for many years. Will SINGULART Insider be at the heart of the art market?

Amazing news for Parisians, and not surprising to us at SINGULART as we are headquartered in Paris. The consistent growth and increasing value of the Parisian art market and scene has always been on our radar. Although we represent artists and collectors from all around the world, it is amazing for us to be emerged in the art world by living in a city that is inspired by it. Learn about the SINGULART journey here.

Hand-Painted Murals From the LatinX Community

Street Art has been an important way for many members of LatinX community to feel tied to their cultural roots. Whether they are the artist or are living in the apartment building that’s exteriors contain the mural, the art provides them with a sense of community. The artists are inspired by the feelings and aspects of their home country and display those in the murals. For example, artist, Emilio Carrillo painted a six-part mural on the side of an apartment building, each part features a different country and the experiences of someone who lived there. In general, street art is an artistic channel for many as a form of expression or a way to make a statement.

Esteban Vera, Mexican street artist, shares his experiences through his pieces allowing art to be his creative outlet. Find his artwork here. Follow SINGULART Insider to see more artists!

Photo Book on Gay Fatherood

Looking to meet more gay dads and to show his kids they weren’t the only children with two fathers, photographer Bart Heynen started the photo book called “Dads.” This book depicts posed and candid portraits and will be released on June 29th. Although the book’s main focus is gay dads there is a great amount of diversity in the people who were photographed and their paths to becoming a father. The road to fatherhood for gay dads is usually not an easy one, however, this book features many different scenarios and can definitely help gay fathers around the world better understand their options.

Celebrate Pride Month with our collection featuring LGBTQ+ artists and artworks created to evoke the feeling of pride. Read about some of our artist’s experiences as a member of the LGBTQ+ community and the role that art plays in their life.

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