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Colour psychology and symbolism in interior design

Psychology of Colors

Colour psychology and symbolism plays a decisive role in interior design. When choosing colors, it’s important to think about what kind of atmosphere you want to create and what colors will help achieve that. Colors can evoke warm or cold emotions, coupled with sensations such as the seasons or elements such as water and fire, which radiate heat or cold. Warm colors like yellow, orange or red have been shown to stimulate the appetite, so they fit very well in a dining room or kitchen. Of course, cultural background also plays a role in color symbolism, which cannot be discussed here to its fullest degree. The following are some of the symbolic meanings of certain colors viewed from an artistic approach.

If you don’t want to start with colored walls right away, but just want to add color accents, artwork provides the perfect balance. Artwork is an element of your interior which can wonderfully create atmosphere. The larger the artwork, the more you can use the tool of color psychology with it. Let’s take a look at the colors green, red, blue, orange, yellow and the neutral color palette, combining art, interior and emotion.

Very Peri – Pantone Color of the Year 2022

The last two years have been shaped by the dullness and grey of the pandemic and to inspire and encourage new inventiveness and creativity, Pantone has created the new color “Very Peri” as their color of the year 2022. It’s a dynamic periwinkle blue with vivifying violet-red undertones.

As it is a very soothing and consistent color that invites you to keep looking as its undertones shimmer through. And since it inspires creativity, without tiring the eyes, it’s a color that I would recommend for your home office or bedroom. This advice incorporates the study of colors which associates calmness and concentration with the color blue. It is said to inspire your subconscious and to be the best color for your bedroom as it helps to release stress. To incorporate the artwork into your home, the wall in your study will be the perfect place to be inspired by Very Peri, because it will encourage you and boost your creativity. While smaller pieces are ideal for your nightstand or mantelpiece in your bedroom. Little hints of calmness and joy will give you a boost during the day.


Blue belongs to the cold colors. The association with the sea and the sky gives the feeling of infinity, longing and distance. Blue, like green, is also a calming, fresh color. As one of the strongest hues in the color psychology spectrum, blue is said to lower blood pressure and slow breathing and heart rate. Deep, bold hues create a sense of confidence and are associated with qualities such as loyalty, trust, peace and success. Rooms with blue accents offer a place to rest and help you relax and unwind. Blue therefore suits the bedroom. Dive into the expanse and freshness of the color blue in our curated collection.


Green is a soothing and gentle color that conveys naturalness, freshness and vitality. It stands for the awakening of spring, nature in general, relaxation and peace. Combining the invigorating quality of blue with the optimism of yellow, green is suitable for almost any room in the house. In color psychology, it stimulates thoughts of balance, growth and restoration. Green recalls nature and goes hand in hand with relaxation. The yellow part brings warmth, comfort and promotes togetherness. Find inspiration for green, the color of spring


This intense color raises the energy level of a room and pumps up the adrenaline. Instead of an entire wall in red, small accents through a painting are perfect to spice up the living room atmosphere. Ambition, drive and willpower are all qualities attributed to this color. That’s why red is a great choice for home offices and creative spaces. In the living or dining room, red brings people together and encourages conversation. In an entryway, it creates a powerful first impression. Visit our curated collection full of fiery, energetic artwork!


Yellow creates a warm, cheerful and extroverted atmosphere. The symbolic attribution is friendliness and optimism. It captures the warmth of sunlight and evokes positivity. It is a great choice for kitchens, dining rooms and bathrooms where it is stimulating and inviting. Dive into summer with our curated collection Yellow, the Color of Light.


Orange fluctuates between red and yellow. This colour is also stimulating, lively and invigorating and, like YELLOW, radiates powerful warmth. The symbolic effect is power, excitement, activity, dynamism, temperament, joy and drive. Warm paintings with a fiery touch await you in our curated orange collection!


Shades of black, grey, white and brown are essential to the interior designer ‘s palette. Their advantage lies in their flexibility. Use this color to provide a more subtle aesthetic. Gray is one of those versatile colors that can be warm or cool, evoking feelings of calm and security. The neutrality of black gives quality and creates an elegance that brings power and drama. White is a pure color that radiates clarity and cleanliness. Be inspired by our neutral collection.

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